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We are a Polish engineering and software company implementing commissioned dedicated depository solutions along with the entire IT infrastructure. Depozytomat lockers are self-service automated multi-locker devices for postal, industrial, and commercial implementations. An commonly known example of such devices are self-service kiosks for collection of postal and courier parcels.

The scope of our practice includes:

  • technological designs of depository devices:
    • material engineering,
    • construction projects,
    • mechanical and electronic solutions,
    • industrial design;
  • software:
    • depository devices' network surveillance and management system,
    • auxiliary systems:
      • financial and accounting,
      • banking – card readers, cash deposit ATMs, coin machines,
      • communication – text messaging, e-mails, instant messaging,
    • low-level embedded applications for internal device operation.

In 2014, investing 100% of our own funds we presented the Polish Post (Poczta Polska) a fully operational self-service sender/recipient device. Despite the initiation of technical dialogue between us and Polish Post, and our willingness to provide source code Polish Post preferred to choose its foreign partner services, and later on attempted to co-finance companies that were cloning solutions existing on the market.

In 2015 our solutions were appreciated on the eastern markets. More precisely in Belarus where we won a competition for the implementation of a postal deposit devices network for the Belarus Post and integration with the "Track&Trace" postal logistics system.

We hope that our long-term experience enhanced by the implementation of postal deposit devices for the national post in Belarus will contribute to the development of such solutions in other sectors of industry and services.


DEPOMAT - Belarus Post postal depozytomat lockers.

LABOMAT - automated system for laboratory samples archiving.


  • management of postal deposit devices' distributed network,
  • management of peripheral devices in postal deposit devices,
  • financial and accounting module as part of the service and settlement of payment devices (cash deposit ATMs, coin machines, proximity, magnetic, and chip card readers),
  • financial and accounting module as part of "webpay" services,
  • locker booking module,
  • customer web service,
  • "Track&Trace" logistics module,
  • SMS notification module.


  • communication with the central system,
  • monitoring for devices and peripherals in depozytomat lockers,
  • service and diagnostic module,
  • cash register control module.

SUNO - self-service sender/recipient devices for Polish Post.


I. Implementation of SUNO (self-service sender/recipient device) and IT system for SUNO management.

The task was carried out in a competition announced by Polish Post (2014-2015) as part of the presentation of our programming potential and engineering capabilities of the Depositec team.

Photographs and concept drawings included.


II. 2015-2017 implementation of a sender/recipient devices' network for the national postal operator of the Republic of Belarus „Belpochta” (РУП «Белпочта») along with proprietary DEPOBOT software for managing a distributed network of sender/recipient devices under the name DEPOMAT.

Cooperation with the Eastern neighbor was burdened with the necessity of our adaptation to the Belarusian legal and administrative conditions, which in consequence has led to the implementation of new solutions and functionalities that can be successfully applied in other situations as well. As part of the implementation of the task we also made full integration with the Belarus Posts "Track&Trace" logistics system.

The entire implementation and cooperation process with Belarusian financial, logistic and communication units was patronized by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of the Republic of Belarus. It is now known that the Belarusian Minister will develop the network on the basis of Depositec Venture technology.

Attached, we present selected photographs of this implementation and the official advertising spot of the "Belpochta" sender/recipient devices' network broadcast since 2016.


III. Development and execution of an automated laboratory samples archiving system ordered by the manufacturer of household chemistry under the name LABOMAT as part of accreditation requirements and ISO 17025.


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